Wireless Lens Control System WLC-T02



Product Description


Weight:4.2 lb
Color:Metal Grey
Material:Brazilian Rosewood,Aluminum-Alloy, Stainless Steel
Rail System:15mm/19mm


WLC-T02’s unique module design gives users posibility to have personalized wireless lens control system.
controller,receiver and motors can be re-moduled to fit different shooting situations

1-Compatible with HEDEN M26VE motor, can control broadcast ENG lenses
2-2.4G/wifi transmission
3-3.7inch high resolution touch screen
4-Swiss made motors, high performance, low noise
5-High-quality CNC cutting and hand-made jacaranda wooden parts
6-Quick-release chip design for easier maintenance
7-Manually/automatically lens status reading
8-A wide range of lens status stored
9-Manually type in/edit lens status
10-Multiple marking points alert, can set your own distance range
11-Can wirelessly control ARRI,RED and SONY cameras etc.
12-Wired module available, support 3D filming
13-Support auto focus and data transmission of distance detector


1.Controller : (WLC-T02C*1/WLC-T02D*1/WLC-T02K*1) Including main body ,follow focus knob,zoom control handle
2.Motors : (WLC-T02M*3) Including 3X0.8 gears and 19mm/15mm rod adaptor
3.Motor cables : (T1B-7*3) 80cm cables
4.Power cable : (TB-02-TP*1) B type power cable
5.Safety case : (CS-T06*1) Waterproof,dustproof ,shockproof case
6.Receiver : (WLC-T02A*1/WLC-T02A02*1/WLC-T02A03*1) Including main receiver,two receiver blocks and 15mm/19mm rod adaptor



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